Development story

From planning launch to commercialization

Starts from the concept planning from 2017, to study the history and culture of Togane, "Togane after having repeated discussions over and over again Temmon-do"It has been created.
The development Togane When Togane Chamber of Commerce and Industry , Chiba Prefectural Industrial Promotion Center With the support of, "Michinoeki Have specified management and operation of the township Togane "Minori Togane Genki-zukuri Co., Ltd . There, we worked in partnership with local farmers and tag.
Upon product development, "Togane of specialty What agricultural products to be? "The was Kangaenuki.
Speaking of Togane derived from the Ieyasu Tokugawa of your planted tangerine "citron" is not indispensable. Strawberries and grapes, can also be harvested plums, vegetables are also multi-item production.
Under such circumstances, while making effective use of a variety of agricultural products according to the season, with the aim of "creating a gem of a local that can withstand as gifts", the was found while digging the history and culture of Togane "Temmon-do"was.
Agricultural products for a long time in Chiba Prefecture (mainly citrus and ginger root) that was dried boiled in honey "Temmon-do And it has been prized referred to as ".
And through the product development of the year, it became to be able to offer a new taste to cherish the old.
Please enjoy the now of beautiful fusion with the old (ancient).