Rice Flour Noodles/ rice flour bread

Manufactured at a government-designated agricultural diversification facility"Minori deli * deli kitchen"

deli * deli kitchen exterior

Manufactured at a government-designated agricultural diversification facility`` Minori deli * deli Kitchen '' aims to promote the sixth industrialization and revitalize local industries, aiming to disseminate information on Togane food culture and local attractions, 2018 It was opened in April at Michinoeki Minorinosato Togane.
We manufacture rice flour, which is a major agricultural product of Togane, crushed rice, and various original products that utilize fresh local agricultural products.
Among them, we are actively developing businesses that utilize rice flour in order to increase the added value of rice in the modern age of rice.

Rice Flour Noodles and rice flour bread

We wanted to nurture love for their home area through food from childhood at the food education site, and in addition to selling rice flour processed in Minori deli * deli Kitchen, processing it into bread and noodles We have been engaged in various initiatives since the establishment of the facility, with the goal of providing it to school meals.
As a result, from the spring of 2019, we will provide delicious `` Rice Flour Noodles '' of rice flour produced in Togane City, which was developed in cooperation with `` the Nakamura noodle-making shop '' in Togane City, Chiba Prefecture, as a school meal in Togane City, Chiba Prefecture from spring 2019. Now you can.
" Rice Flour Noodles " has been commercialized by a school lunch nutritionists who has tasted it and received various opinions.
We will continue to develop rice flour products suitable for school meals to create opportunities for children to take an interest in the local area and to support healthy growth of children's mind and body.