East Kyoto and Togane

The story of the third generation of Itakura

Togane (Kamijuku / Tani / Iwasaki / Shinjuku / Tama / Nimata) was under the control of the Fukushima Domain (currently Fukushima City) with Shigemasa Itakura as the ancestor for 200 years until the Meiji era.
Shigemasa visited Togane as a servant of Ieyasu Tokugawa (1614).
Shigemasa's father Katsushige was Keicho 6 (1601) to Genwa 6 (1620), and Shigemasa's brother Shigemune was a father and son in Kyoto for a half-century from Genwa 6 to 1654 (1654). Was.
Shigemasa's sister-in-law's mother-in-law is the Ouba Bureau, which reports that Ieyasu himself pleaded with Toyotomi Hideyoshi that "Hidetada's nanny is the only woman in the world."
The sister of her sister's daughter (niece), Noriyuki Nose, worshiped the Togane Goten, the lodgings of Ieyasu, Hidetada, and Iemitsu (Ona Gogon), This is Omi station.
Shigemasa's son, Shigenori Shigemasa, was an old and middle professor in Kanbun 5 years (1665)-Kanbun 8 years (1668), Kanbun 10 years (1670)-Yanba first year (1674), and Kyoto Shoji's replacement was Kanbun 8 years (1668). It was a heavyweight of the Shogunate who worked from 1966 to 1670 and worshiped Togane in 1167.
In addition, the book of the Itakura family's prescription, Masamitsu Itakura, is a model of the famous TV movie, "Meiji Yuki Ooka Echizen," and says, "The boat floats because it has water, and you can move on." For example, in the case of a change of country, it is said that the criteria for selecting the accompanying priests were status and relations, and that they used filial piety rather than money, and that they constantly practiced good politics.

Kashojinja Shrine
This shrine was built on January 28, 1698 by Gen Shigehiro Itakura. The left Tomoemon on the roof of the portable shrine is the Itakura family crest. At the time of the Bakumatsu Restoration, the Itakura family, who was a master of music, ruled the Fukushima clan, but in the Boshin War, joined the Ou Koshigane clan alliance and fought with the new government forces and surrendered. Some have argued that he escaped the rigorous pursuit of the Meiji New Government and someday hid his mistakes, saying that the mistake was made by the Itakura family as a pirate army.
The festival is held every other year in spring. By the way, it is 321 for the festival calendar in 2019.

It is said that the "Kyo culture" was transmitted to Togane by the Itakura family, and there are remnants of a culture that feels old Kyoto everywhere in Togane city.