Agricultural producer introduction

Why do not you taste the fresh agricultural products raised in Togane?

In Togane City, Chiba Prefecture, there are many farmers who make fresh and delicious vegetables and rice while making various ingenuity.
“Togane Temmon-do ” uses the vegetables that such local farmers have carefully grown to deliver safe and secure products.
We hope that more people will know the delicious agricultural products made by farmers in Togane City and that they will actually taste them.

Togane City Takisawa Imai Farm

Imai Farm, a farm that has been handed down for generations at Takisawa, Togane-shi, Chiba Prefecture, cultivates over 30 items annually, including rice, vegetables, and mushrooms.
Thick and crisp shiitake mushrooms from Imai Farm are also very popular at Michinoeki. In addition to umami, aroma, and nutrition, it is very juicy and has a great response!
“Togane Temmon-do ” is produced using raw wood shiitake mushrooms that Mr. Imai worked on at a forest of Sanbu cedar.
Log shiitake is a shiitake mushroom cultivated by a natural tree and has two harvest seasons: spring and autumn. And the attraction is that umami, aroma and nutrition are much different from normal shiitake mushrooms.
By all means, please enjoy the shiitake mushrooms that Imai Farm boasts.

Togane Koda Koyasu Farm

Koyasu Farm, located at Koda, Togane, cultivates various agricultural products such as cabbage and tarzai. The fresh and nutritious produce that Koyasu grows with great care is also very popular at Michinoeki.
Mr. Koyasu also said that not only agricultural products, Michinoeki Minorinosato Togane Togane Marche We also produce colorful lunches sold in the store and manufacture Togane Tocchi Yaki.
“ Togane Tocchi Yaki,” which contains purple broad bean paste, was made by Koyasu through repeated research, from how to make the bean paste to the combination of flour and rice flour used for the skin.
In addition to agricultural products, Koyasu's products, such as boiled beans, red rice, soup flour, etc. are Michinoeki and the classic specialty. Please enjoy it once.